The 4 Reasons Videos Go Viral

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I recently made a commitment to myself to never take immediate action on advice given to me by someone who is earning less than I intend to earn.  Just by heeding that piece of advice I will avoid on of the biggest traps that await those starting out in the money-from-home industry – that of heeding the ‘advice’ of family, so-called friends and other dream killers who see you as you are and not who your gut is telling you you are meant to be.

Then, lo-and-behold, Justin Verrengia, one of my EmpowerNetwork leaders, trainers, mentors (pick your own description), sent me a blog on “Why Videos Go Viral“. Since his one month earning of $42,162 certainly qualifies for my criteria, I took notice.

The blog contained a video from Kevin Allocca who is YouTube‘s trends manager. While Kevin does not disclose his income with the open-ness that Justin shows, I think it is safe to assume that he also would qualify to meet my criteria.

Watch this video with Kevin Allocca to savor and learn from his insight.

Why Videos Go Viral

Here’s the “bottom-line”

Video is “THE FUTURE” of the internet

Those taking advantage of effective video marketing…

…have a “phat” advantahe over their competition who don’t.

Video – when combined with blogging (a.k.a. vlogging) …

…is the most powerful free marketing platform that exists online.

And, by the way, here are Justin’s results from just his EmpowerNetwork business to prove it..

Justin Verrengia Income Ranking

Impressive, eh 🙂

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