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As I was considering topics for today’s blog it was impossible to get by the significance of the date – September 11. Like the day of President John Kennedy’s assassination and the attack on Pearl Harbor it is one of those dates on which people can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard the news.

So how can I add a perspective on something that is so personal to so many. Who knows? But here goes…

On that morning, once we had located the whereabouts of our immediate family members and knew that they were safe, it felt important to me that we demonstrate our solidarity with the people of our community, as well as acknowledging that the attack was not just an attack on America, it was also an affront to the freedoms that the symbols of America represent to the World.

That night we put up our two flags – the Union Jack to honor the British nationals from my home country who had perished, and the Star-Spangled-Banner, to respect the people who had welcomed us with open arms and the country  we now called home.

British And US Flag

Imagine my dismay the following morning to find that our British flag had been stolen. Someone had gone out of their way to drive down our driveway and climb onto the roof of our garage to dishonor our memorial.

So, just for the record today, I found out that “More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center The foreign countries with the highest losses are the United Kingdom (including the British overseas territory of Bermuda) with 67, the Dominican Republic with 47, and India with 41.” (Source: Wikipedia).

Even after all these years I am pained to think what can have been going through the mind of the bigot/xenophobe/idiot/thief responsible. Even more than I did back then, I have come to see the attack as an attack on the principles of freedom of thought and freedom of self-determination that I hold so dear today.

Today I honor the memory of ALL whose lives were taken in the attack. I honor the unflinching dedication to the principles of their service as shown by the first responders, and I pray that the Spirits of the fallen may provide on-going strength to those who can never forget.

In the words of the “Poem Of Remembrance” given voice every year as the British people honor those whose lives were taken as they fought against tyranny:

They Grow Not Old
As We Who Are Left, Grow Old;
Age Shall Not Weary Them
Nor The Years Condemn.

At The Going Down Of The Sun – And In The Morning

And, in this Spirit, may this video, taken just after that horrendous event, provide some means of strength and sustenance.


Freedom, Strength and Honor TO YOU

and to all Friends of Freedom

Peter Pocklington

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  1. Annemarie says:

    Beautifully written

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