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An unfortunate truth is that most families are taken advantage of when it comes to their finances.

How can anybody win the “Money Game” if no-one is teaching them the rules.

At school most of us were taught English, History, Science, Math. Where was the course on Personal Finance? How Not To Retire Broke at 65 – 101?

Be honest with yourself. To graduate you probably had to pass four years of  Algebra, right?

How often have you used Algebra since you graduated? By that I don’t mean helping your child with their homework…

How often do you use money? Every Day? So where was that course? How To Stay Out Of Debt – 101?

So it is hardly any surprise that most people buy their Auto and Home Insurance the wrong way. By asking a family member, by asking a friend, by listening to a Gecko.  Does the Industry Care about your personal demographics? Absolutely. Are they looking after your best interests or theirs? Do you do cross-company comparison shopping to find the best deal for you as an individual? Very few do…

So let me take you inside our Freedom Nation United “Locker Room”

Learn How We Have Freed Up $86 Million that has been put back into the budgets of families – one kitchen table at a time.

What We Do For Families – Auto/Home Savings

Click here if video fails to load –> What We Do For Families – Auto/Home Savings

Here’s the “bottom-line”

🙂 We have been helping families for 5 years

🙂 In this time we have followed up on a million leads

🙂 An estimated $86 million has been put back into the budgets of families by Real People Helping Real People

🙂 Be Responsible with your savings

🙂 What’s more important to you, your car, your house or your family?

🙂 Whose kids mean more to you? Yours or Bob’s?

🙂 Let us do a better job shopping FOR you.

Contact me at any of the numbers below. All it will take is 15′ of your time…

And, by the way, if you are interested in making money for yourself just by helping people you know and care about make money for themselves, our tent is big enough for everybody.

When my friend Packard saved his Mom two thousand dollars a year by making sure she took a phone call from us, do you think she was happy? Do you think he was happy?

And what’s in it for me, you ask?



As things stand today, September 12, 2012 just by helping 12 families save money on their Auto or Home Owners Insurance – with money they are already paying today – I would be in the contest to earn a paid holiday for myself and my wife in sunny Boca Raton – Where Legends are Born – next Spring. Beats hanging out in the Philadelphia cold.

I have a vested interest to help YOU

Call me. Let me help you, your family and your families’ family…

Join Our Team - Apply Now

Freedom, Strength and Honor TO YOU

and to all Friends of Freedom

Peter Pocklington
Skype: prpock

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P.S. It’s not how much money you earn, it’s how much you keep.

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