REAL PEOPLE In Action – Step 27 – 10 Business Commandments

Right is right, even when everyone against it.
Wrong is wrong even when everyone for it.
Wisdom from William Penn wisdom 🙂

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Step 27 – 10 Business Commandments

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Step 27 – 10 Business Commandments

So impressed that you are still giving it your best. 26 steps undertaken, we’re rounding into the final straight…

How do you feel about the step you just completed –> Step 26 – Expanding The Organization
How do you FEEL about the journey you are demonstrating your commitment to?
Is it easier now to get your MAJOR INTENTION completed?
Are the exercizes that you are choosing helping you feel better physically?
How does your physical condition help you develop mental toughness?

Did you manage to get through yesterday’s MANDATORY assignments?
What OPTIONAL assignments did you choose to do?

Look again at the five things you chose to do yesterday that you feel good about. Pretty good, eh?

However, yesterday has gone – you can do nothing about it.

It was given to you as a gift to invest or waste. To use or abuse as you saw fit.

Again it is your decision time

Are you ready to continue with your commitment to invest in yourself?

If not – I want you to exit this blog RIGHT NOW!

Frankly, your time, and mine, is too valuable to me for you to even continue on this journey.


OK Now! What’s up next on this step of the journey?

Begin today’s game by turning to your “MY RESOURCES” section
Turn to your “BOOKS TO STUDY” Page
Enter the book “See you at The Top” by Zig Ziglar and note it to be Recommended
Obtain access to this book either through local library loan, purchase from a book-seller, or download from the internet.

Now turn to your “ABOUT ME” section
Put a heading on the next page “My 21 areas for improvement


Turn over to start a new fresh day.

Divide the left-hand page into two columns

Use the left-hand column to document the PRE-GAME tasks, Today’s PLAY-Book, and POST-GAME tasks.

Use the right hand column to track your INCOME and EXPENSES
Record money received today in black
Record money spent today in red, and note whether the items purchased are viewed as needs (N) or wants (W)
NOTE: Don’t go crazy on expenses – categorization is OK – for example, GROCERIES (N)

On the right-hand page you can now:

1. Document your one MAJOR INTENTION for the day. Is it the same as you had when you were preparing for sleep?
2. Plan your day, and
3. As the day progresses, you will keep an hourly record of your actual time investment in the things you do.

So here are today’s basic assignments:

PRE-GAME (upon awakening)

Complete at least one of the physical exercizes that you decided you can fit into your daily routine
e.g. 20 minutes walk by walking 10 minutes in one direction, turning around and returning to your start point.

Read ALOUD the Napoleon Hill SELF-CONFIDENCE FORMULA (found in the Chapter ‘FAITH’) – Click Here to Listen
Decide on the EXACT timing for the 30 minutes you will spend thinking of the person you intend to become.
Decide on the EXACT timing for the 10 minutes you will spend demanding of yourself the development of self-confidence.
Decide on the EXACT timing when you will read ALOUD the Napoleon Hill Chapter on AUTO-SUGGESTION
You will only get what you expect and are willing to inspect.


Decide on the EXACT timing and duration of your Bible Verses research task.

Decide on the EXACT timing you will schedule to listen to the Daily Master-Mind Call

Listen to the Daily Master-Mind Call

LIVE: 9:00 A.M. U.S. Eastern Standard Time Call-In Number 712-432-0900 Access Code: 565762#

OR, POST-CALL RECORDING(Available from about 30 minutes after the call until the next day’s call)
Call-In Number 712-432-0990 Access Code: 565762#

OR, Click Here to download from the internet

Today bring your notebook
Turn to the “MY RESOURCES” section
Put a heading on the next page “PHILOSOPHIES I CAN LIVE BY
When on the call pay attention to the Master-Mind Dialogue
Record just ONE more concept that caught your attention as worthy of further consideration.


Review the blog post on “Get The Word Out” <== click here
Consider whether your life experience validates the topics covered
Add your opinion as a comment on the post

In your ABOUT ME section on the page “My 21 areas for improvement
Write down 21 areas of your life / personal attributes you would like so see improvement in.

READ ALOUD the Napoleon Hill “Think And Grow Rich” Chapter on AUTO-SUGGESTION


Watch Selections From this FREEDOM NATION UNITED ’10 Business Commandments’ Playlist <– click here

POST-GAME (Immediatey before going to sleep)

Turn to your “ABOUT ME” section
Put a heading on the next page “PEOPLE I ADMIRE
Add the name of just one person with up to three attributes you admire about them.

Document 5 (five) things you did well today and how you feel about them
e.g. I feel great because I took action on…

Decide on a main intention for the following day

Review the documentation of where your time was allocated for the day,
writing down in your notebook the time allocated to this personal development program
as well as the time actually spent.

Read ALOUD the Napoleon Hill SELF-CONFIDENCE FORMULA (found in the Chapter ‘FAITH’) – Click Here to Listen

Congratulate yourself on having completed another step without quitting… on yourself.

Ready to take the next step? Click here for Step 28 – Almost There 


Oh, and by the way,

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🙂 See you next time 🙂


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