Dr Beeching Is Dismantling The Railway Service – What To Do

History may be written in the books of the famous – but it is created by the lives of everyday individuals
Anne-Kaete Pocklington


Dr Beeching Is Dismantling The Railway Service – What To Do?

It was a happy time —– until about 1962 —– when a certain Dr. Beeching started to close the Railway in England (and succeeded).

There was a tremendous Railway Service over the whole Country; but he decided it had to go.  Bill “s Base, SOWERBY BRIDGE, was one of them. Especially their Goods Section. The Station is still open to day, but not for goods! They are congesting the Roads in dear old England.

Bill could, as a Goods Guard, stay on the Railway. But we would have to move South, East or West. Even with Promotion!


Our Peter, who had given his Parents nothing but pleasure, and was always an excellent Scholar, had started at the Grammar school just before. And liked it very much, was very keen. He liked the Teachers and the friends he had made.  What was a Father to do – never mind the Mother – what had they to DO???

Could it harm this 12 year old to be taken away from his Education, his friends, at this critical age, to start somewhere else?
There was really no Question about it. There was ONLY one Answer as far as Bill was concerned. One had to act responsibly, had to think, but no way would that make him do THAT to his Son. He had learned other jobs, he would AGAIN learn another, no Question about it.

So, once more, we started to look around what was about in the Area. Work was not as plentiful anymore. The Railway shutting. alone, made a difference to all sorts of Industry. It is immense what such a singular action can bring about for ordinary people. But, he would see what the Area offered. It had to be SOMETHING, it HAD TO BE!

And Bill went for an Interview in a Carpet Factory. A Carpet Weaving Shed in SOWERBY BRIDGE, called Humphries, at the Rose Hill Shed. He was 35 years old and why should he not be able to learn to weave at last, this time CARPETS. So let’s see.
Bill was absolutely horrified when he was told by the Shed Forman that he WAS TOO OLD for the Job. Me too old?  What are they talking about?

But the Man was kind. Seeing the horror in Bill’s Face. You can try it, he says, but I tell you the truth. But if you wish to have a go, you can start when you are ready.

No sooner said than done. Bill served his notice with the Railway and started to learn to be a Carpet Weaver. The Looms in such a place are 12 to 15 feet high, Steps leading up to and down from inside the Loom. In the middle a Platform where the actual Shuttle, with the yarn was fed, emptied, and every few minutes refilled by the Weaver. In between this action an ‘end’ might come down, or various ‘ends’. So the Weaver chases all over the place, all day long, up, down, Platform etc. etc. Higher up, lower down. Was he really too old??

Bill would not give in and stood it for about 2 years, I think. Getting thinner and thinner,  bereft of colour in his cheeks. It really was bad. It took me all my time to persuade him to look for another job. He could not get it out of his head that he was too old at 35 for anything. He had to prove to himself that he was not too old, and it nearly killed him.


What a man. “One had to act responsibly, had to think, but no way would that make him do THAT to his Son. He had learned other jobs, he would AGAIN learn another, no Question about it.” And it nearly killed him.  When it says in the Bible “Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother” this episode taught me all I ever needed to know about being “Honor Worthy”. I love you, Dad <3


For myself, I hope that today’s post has, in some way, encouraged you – Dear Reader – to reflect on the life journeys you have and are undertaking.

As well as those undertaken by those who are near and dear to YOU.

You are who you are because of these journeys.

Where is YOUR journey taking you next, I wonder?


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