The Champion Detector

Ten More Commandments – #1 – Thou shalt not worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities 🙂
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The Champion Detector

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The Champion Detector

As is my custom, Friends Of Freedom, I was sitting with my morning beverage today going through my morning pre-game ritual, as outlined in the post Exercise – Envision – Read – Meditate – Pray – Empower .

(Yes, I do consider every day to be a present in the game of life)

I was thinking about what messages I have received that would benefit

the communities of action that I am a part of

when my mind went back to a day when we were masterminding the GREAT with coach Jon Lavin.

We had been listening again to one of Jon’s mentors,  THE … GREAT … ART WILLIAMS, – proclaim in one of his greatest recorded speeches, that there never has been, nor will there ever be, a test devised that can measure the HEART of a champion”

It is a philosophy that fueled the Company that ART built from 84 people into one of the giants of the financial services industry.

A simple formula:

Take regular people,
Teach them sound fundamental principles,
Teach them to teach others,
Get them paid in proportion to the number of families helped and the number of people developed that do the same.
Rinse and repeat….

A simple and effective business model that will never go out of style.

A torch that has been passed on to other leaders in other industries.

That evening, Jon shared some indicators that would be helpful  in providing guidance as to identifiable traits that would earn a leaders investment of time into people:

  1. They get off to a fast start
  2. They attend, and participate in, all meetings and conference calls.
  3. They get other people to attend and participate in all meetings and calls.
  4. They learn how to set their own solid appointments in a qualified market. Appointments that keep.
  5. They ask the right questions.
  6. They are obsessive self-studiers.
  7. They handle rejection well.
  8. They handle change.
  9. They want to contribute early.
  10. They act independently early.

When we notice these traits in the people we interact with,
When we find an organization that promotes these traits,
When we expect them from ourself and the people we work are working with,

Give thanks to wherever you receive you divine guidance from, and

Go ‘ALL IN’ with these people.

The investment of time WILL be worth it!

Don’t just take my WORD for it…

Just ask Jon Lavin. Just ask Art Williams. Just Ask Anyone That You Respect Who Is Charged With Leadership.



Oh, and by the way,

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🙂 See you next time 🙂


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