The Seven Deadly Horsemen

Ten More Commandments
#2 – Thou shalt not be fearful, for most of the things we fear never come to pass 🙂

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The Seven Deadly Horsemen

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The Seven Deadly Horsemen

As is my custom, Friends Of Freedom, I was sitting with my morning beverage today going through my morning pre-game ritual, as outlined in the post Exercise – Envision – Read – Meditate – Pray – Empower .

(Yes, I do consider every day to be a present in the game of life)

I was thinking about what messages I have received that would benefit

the communities of action that I am a part of

In the Leaders Are Readers Success Group we study personal and business development wisdom captured in the written word by down by some of greatest Leaders and Thinkers “out there”. As we recently studied and Master Minded the book “The Law Of Success” by the great Napoleon Hill – he of “Think And Grow Rich” fame – I was struck by his use of pictures and poetry to illustrate his message – both visually and verbally.

In a chapter noted as “An After-The-Lesson Visit with the Author” he goes into detail about the “Seven Deadly Horsemen” that each of us will have to conquer to experience lasting success in our lives.

I found this lesson particularly thought-provoking so I decided to create a video to capture some of the IN-SIGHT he shared. Check it out…

So what did I learn:

1. That there is much wisdom to be gained in business by arriving early and staying late. This was, after-all, an “After-The-Lesson” visit :-)

2. Know thine Enemy. In this case INTOLERANCE, GREED, REVENGE, EGOTISM, SUSPICION, JEALOUSY and “a draft choice to be named by you” later :-)

3. We must Remain Vigilant and Aware of when these facets appear in OUR brain – and know they will! :-)

4. We must Check Ourselves and Our Actions Repeatedly – so we drive them out wherever they read their ugly head, and as soon as, possible :-)

If it was good enough for Dr. Hill – may-be its G(o)od enough for us…


Oh, and by the way,

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Published: January 20, 2015, 19:02 | 2 Comments on The Seven Deadly Horsemen
Category: Real People Helping Real People

2 responses to “The Seven Deadly Horsemen”

  1. Vivette says:

    Excellent content Peter

    I haven’t read “The Law of Success” yet but it’s now on my list of books to be read.

    Michael Bloomberg was asked to convey his formula that has catapulted him to the elite of the corporate world. He ticked off a few of his tips for success which were “Arrive Early, Stay Late, Eat Lunch At Your Desk”

    If it can work for Michael Bloomberg, Napoleon Hill and countless others who has become very successful in life, then it can work for us.

    • freedomwithpeter says:

      Hey, Vivette. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate hearing from fellow travelers on the road to success. Te success that is our destiny as we continue to, as Jim Rohn is quoted, pay as much attention to self-development as we do to the development of our ‘business’. After all, who is more important to our life than we ourselves are. Not sure that I am a big fan of the “eat lunch at our desk” methodology as it applies to todays employee world – for that I am a fan of “move away from your desk, take a deep breath, walk for 30 minutes while listening to a self-development audio of my choice”. Whatever works for us! THank You, THank YOU, THANK YOU. prp

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