Exercise – Envision – Read – Meditate – Pray – Empower

Hi There, Friends Of Freedom

As is my custom, I was sitting with my morning beverage today

going through my morning routine

Exercise – Envision – Read – Meditate – Pray – Empower

thinking about what messages I have received that would benefit

the communities of action that I am a part of when it hit me.

That voice inside my head said to me, “Peter…….”

“Peter…” it said.

Which is a good job, because that’s my name.


“… why don’t you let on how you came upon your daily morning ritual?”

“and, my friend what YOU mean by these words”

What a great piece of advice I thought. Words matter because words become matter. And if no-one knows what I mean by these words, what does it matter!

So here goes…

To Become Or Not To Become

To Become Or Not To Become

By way of background let me first talk about the why…

I had learned from the journey of my life that success comes from pursuing some field of endeavor about which you feel passionate enough to do without questioning..,

I knew that the path I am currently on would require discipline – discipline of mind, discipline of time, discipline of money and discipline of “doership service”.

[One of the paradoxes I am still trying to sort out is how the path to freedom can require so much discipline – but that will be the subject of another posting….]

So I looked back to what could I learn from in my past when I had had the passion coupled with the discipline, and what could I learn from others who had tasted success at a high level of competition.

I remembered the days when I had tasted success as a soccer player – the wind sprints at the end of assigned practises – the study of the game and the people playing it – the boyhood enjoyment of choosing which hero I would get to be as we played our scrimmage games. Would I be Bobby Charlton? Would I be Denis Law? Would I be George Best?

I also remembered the time I spent after the games reflecting on what had happened out there.  While I may not have understood it at the time I hope I have since received the wisdom to give thanks a higher power that guides me. Thanks for the blessings that I was the recipient of.  The blessing that lead to my successes of my endeavors. Whatever those successes might have been.

So all this introspection led me to just one thought…

What is life itself? Is it not a game we play day to day? Is not our greatest opponent ourselves and our willingness to distance ourselves from “the game”. To remain a spectator, in the stands, instead of uttering those immortal words:

“Put me in, Coach. I’m ready to play – TODAY”

So why not do what I did in the past, what most successful athletes do, have a pre-game ritual!

And, since the game is played all day, every day – develop the discipline to do it every day.

So here goes – the Peter Pocklington Positive Performance Pre-Game Ritual”


in that order…

#1 – Exercize

Why do I start with that?  The ancient Greeks, in the Cradle of Civilization as the Western World knows it today had a saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.  The body, including the brain, is fed by the blood – aptly named our ‘life blood’.  So why not start with something that got the blood pumping first?

#2 – Envision

Studies have shown that athletes who best picture achieving success at the game they are about to play – the competition they are about to perform in – have the highest likelihood of tasting success.  So who am I to second guess the results of the millions of dollars put into improving the training regimens of the athletes. Athletes for whom a split-second will make the difference between medalling and being an also ran. An also-ran in an occasion that only happens every four years. The one that we call “The Olympic Games”.

So my day-to-day competition called for me to develop for me, my own, unique Definite Major Purpose. Fortunately for this I was given a great template by Napoleon Hill in his game-changing work “Think And Grow Rich”.  I have also added to that the “Doers Creed” that I incorporated into my habits as I shared my journey with other leaders in the community that was the “Million Mind March”.  And finally, I was blessed to be given a structure to work within by the great Bill Whittle, who is legendary in our Financial Services Community of Freedom. Once I adopted and understood his “90-day-success planner” – specifically the attention to “Daily Goals and Affirmations – the game changed again, irrevocably”.

BTW – I call that piece of my routine, envisioning with a purpose.

#3 – Read

Quite early on in my career of independence I was given the phrase “Leaders Read and Readers Lead”. What cheaper way is there to gain experience than through the experiences of others?

Accordingly, one of the things that has benefitted my most along my journey, especially when at a crossroads in life, has been to ask my success coaches to give me a focused reading list to give me guidance on what I am about to undertake.

Without this the joys and wisdom gained from the works of Napoleon Hill, Florence Shinn, Wallace Wattles etc. may have remained hidden from me forever.

Good job I always had the Bible to rely on…

#4 – Meditate

What do I mean by meditation? There’s a whole library dedicated to this subject. But in its simplest form and in the manner I use it – remember this is my pre-game – I turn to the description from Esther Hicks in the introduction to “Ask and it is Given” simply:

“Sit in a quiet room. Wear comfortable clothing, and focus on your breathing. As your mind wanders, and it will, release the thought and focus on your breathing.” Do it for 15 minutes.

A cinch, right? First thing in the morning the whole house is quiet! PJ’s fit the bill as comfortable clothing! And where most people might hit the snooze alarm before dragging themselves off to a J-O-B they hate, the same instrument – the snooze alarm – serves a positive purpose for “lil’ ole’ me”.

#5 – Pray

Now I find that the simplest prayers are the four word “Thy Will Be Done”, the two word “Thank You”, and the one word “Amen”. So forget the excuse I often hear – “I don’t have time to pray”. And, by the way, that excuse is exactly the reason, you should make the time.

[Don’t get me started on the “I don’t have time” excuse that people use to justify their inability to prioritize]

#6 – Empower

Now this final step in my daily routine might require some clarification. After all I am still in my dressing room. I’m not yet out on the pitch. I’m alone. Who can I empower?

My inability to explain this adequately is probably one of the reasons this post has been so long in coming.  But as other great leaders came into my sphere of consciousness, I was given the gift of the book “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar.

Zig devotes an entire chapter in the beginning of this book on the person I most need to Empower. And who is it?

The guy who shows up in my mirror every day.


R.I.P I Can't

R.I.P I Can’t





“I must empower myself through passionately pursuing improvement and having an open mind to change.”

After all Jesus taught us in the second great commandment – “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”.  So what’s the point of loving him/her as if they were you, if you don’t love yourself?

Compassionately, with understanding, with recognition of who you truly are, of the contribution your life was destined to make to the World …


For myself, I hope that today’s post has, in some way, encouraged you – Dear Reader – to take it upon yourself to develop a ‘pre-game ritual’ that will benefit YOU, YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES and YOUR “GAME OF LIFE”

See you on our next blog

Oh, and by the way,

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2 responses to “Exercise – Envision – Read – Meditate – Pray – Empower”

  1. You wrote: “One of the paradoxes I am still trying to sort out is how the path to freedom can require so much discipline.” I’ve thought about this as well. When I used to teach time management and organization, I worked with people to help them create methods and systems that fit their unique personalities and preferences. What was interesting, though, is that even the types of people who were more spontaneous and less structured (and really didn’t want structure at all) needed a type of structure that enabled them to get stuff done. It needed to be a structure that suited them and wasn’t restricting . . . but it was still a structure. I said to a client once, “It’s ironic, but the structure actually gives you the freedom you want. There’s freedom in that structure.” I understand that paradox of freedom requiring discipline. In order to have the freedom of health, we need to be disciplined with what we put into our bodies and how (or if) we exercise our bodies. In order to have the freedom of time, we need to use some sort of system to get done what we need to do. In order to have financial freedom, we need to learn and implement successful money strategies.

    Good for you for building your discipline with your morning ritual.

    • freedomwithpeter says:

      You nailed it, Leanne. Most success seems to come from being comfortable with paradoxes and knowing that “common wisdom” is either not so common, or not so wise. That’s why i call it the “journey of the 3%”. Thank You for being YOU 🙂

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